Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another weekend goes by

Hard to believe that weekends can zip by so fast. If only the middle of the week would move so quickly!

As usual, it's been a busy one. I hit quite a few garage sales, and raked in the goods. Mixing bowls, broiler pans, gift bags, sheets, decorative items, curtain panels. And coats. Here's my contribution to society. I really think its sensible, and something any of us can do to help a kiddo and not cost a fortune. The schools in the area where I work have "clothes closets" that help out families in need of basic items. I think most of the clothing is donated, or lost clothing that never gets picked up by the end of the school year. My goal is to find kids' coats at garage sales, usually spending no more than $1-2, and take them to Debra at work to pass on to the schools. (I think her point of contact is the school nurse.) I took one up to her a week or two ago, and picked up 3 more this weekend (total for the 3 was $4!). There was something I heard recently that was basically about maybe not making a world of difference, but making a difference one person at a time. With our Santa Cops program, so many of the families request coats and shoes for the children, so we know the need is out there. Something to keep in mind for you bargain hunters.

Ashley's t-shirt quilt is making progress, although it's taking some time. I decided to go for the shadow effect, something I've seen but not tried, so it's a learning process on measurements for the pieces. Here's a bit of it. At first I thought it might work up faster than just sashing, but I don't think so. Maybe even a bit more time involved, but I do like how it's coming along.

I watched Lily last night for a little while, and it was nice to spend some Grams time with her. We went to eat at the restaurant of her choice (McDonald's), then back home for a bit of coloring before bedtime. She drew 4 costumes that she'd like to have, and knew just what she wanted, right down to hair pieces and tights. We might have a budding fashion designer in the family...

That's it for now. Have a good week, everyone.

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Holee said...

Our schools do the same thing. I am always watching for coats. They also ask for socks. It's hard to believe these basic items are for American children, makes me mad just thinking about it. Can you imagine sending a child in the north off to school without a coat or socks on?