Thursday, May 19, 2011

a momentous week

Some weeks seem to rock along and nothing special happens.  This week comes along, and it's hopping.

Rhett lost his first tooth!  He's 6, and I'd say he's right on time.  Won't be long and there could easily be two front teeth missing.
 And Angela had a birthday this week.  She's a great daughter-in-law, and terrific wife and mother.  I'm glad she's part of my family.

My chaste trees are blooming.  I have three...this one, one by the mailbox, and one in the backyard.  Love their purple/lavender blooms.  Typically I get 2-3 blooms per year, so I enjoy them when they come.

Then tonite Ashlynn had her pre-school graduation.  Yep, moving up to Kindergarten in the Fall.  Where does the time go?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

so much noise in the morning!

You never realize how noisy your morning routine is until someone sleeps over.  Elise stayed the night with me since their power went out, so of course I want to let her sleep in.  Ha!  At 6:00 she heard the cuckoo bird, and through her monitor I hear her own little "cuckoo".  Then she's quiet for another 20 minutes or so.

I decide to make some muffins for a nice little breakfast, and as I pre-heat the oven, it dings.  I carefully reach for a measuring cup (they're the metal ones of course, not soft plastic), one falls to the floor.  Loudly.  The doors creak each time I open them.  Funny how you don't notice some of these sounds on a daily basis.

Then the oven dings three times to tell me the desired temperature has been reached.

By now she's babbling, her normal little wake-up routine.  I'll go ahead and get her up.  I'm glad she's an early morning riser like her Grams.  ;)

Have a good day, all.

Monday, May 9, 2011

ah, family

Yesterday was such a nice day.  Being Mother's Day, I joined Elizabeth and her family for breakfast.  We were early enough that we got into the restaurant without a wait, and that's a good thing.  By the time we finished up and left, there were quite a few waiting for a table.   When we got back to their house, David surprised us by washing both our cars!  That had been on my to-do list for awhile, and I fully intended to do it this weekend, but I was really pleased I didn't have to.  ;)

Then in the afternoon, I went to Robert's for some ribs and baked beans.  Yummo!  Enough meat on them to sink your teeth in and come out with bbq sauce all over your mouth and a smile on your face.  It's always nice to see your kids in their own space, and how well they're doing.  Robert's a good dad and husband...and cook!

Elise showed me a surprise this past week.  I had slipped into the sewing room to sew a few quick seams, and when I came out she had a bit of a surprised look on her face...or was it a toddler's "uh-oh!" look?   I should have known something was up when she didn't follow me to the sewing room, she loves that place.  What did she manage to get into?  I'd left my purse on a chair, and she pulled out my lipstick.  She held out her hands for me to clean them, and wasn't real happy when I pulled out the camera before wiping them off!