Saturday, November 28, 2009

another vacation is history

It's been a really good week, and I've loved being off. Not much longer, and being off will be the norm! I checked my work's email the other day, and it was a bit strange to read the internal posting about my position coming available. Sigh. But not strange enough to make me change my mind!

I got to keep this little cutie two days while her momma went to work. She got in a little quality Grams time. :) A lot of her quality time was spent sleeping, but that's okay.

And of course there was Thanksgiving (see previous post), and it's always nice when I can be with everyone.

I finished this quilt top for Ashlynn. I'm really pleased how it came together, and think she'll like it. I'll be tying it off for the finishing. This takes care of the older grandkids' quilts for Christmas, and for me, three quilts in 3 months is doing pretty good.

I mentioned in an earlier post about the Secret Santa Stocking Swap I'm in over on the HGTV quilting forum. I even got that boxed up and mailed yesterday! I know December will be busy, so better to get it out in plenty of time than to wait and fight the crowds at the post office. And since it will take a week or so to get there, I didn't worry about sending priority mail since it's plenty early.

Another birthday has come along as well. I don't think you'll ever see me complaining about that, I like to see them keep on coming. One of my presents was Julia Childs cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". Now when I issue an invitation, everyone will really be asking "what are you cooking" before they give an answer...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy Thanksgiving

"How did you make that corn dish, David?" and "alright Mom, what did you put in that cheese ball??? are you trying to sneak something over on me??? oh wait, it's not bad." "I'm so full" and "show me the tv and a couch, and I'm good for the day".

Yes, another Thanksgiving dinner has come and gone. Fortunately for me my preparations were relatively easy this year, since Robert and Angela hosted the festivities at their house. Good company, good weather, good food. A nice day indeed. The cousins had a good time playing in the back yard, including the age-old favorite of hide-and-seek. Little Elise got to celebrate her first Thanksgiving, but she did end up sleeping through at least part of it. :)

This morning I did one of those little elf videos, using pics of me and my brothers and sisters. It made for a nice little family portrait, didn't it?

I also had some fun with my geocaching today. Last weekend Robert and I hid a cache in his vicinity, and today was the "first to find" on it, meaning someone was the first one to find it and post their entry. This cache is full of orange items, asking people to trade out with other orange items. I like having a variety of things in the cache, and will usually include a couple of toys, some fabric for a quilter who might come along the way, as well as something to appeal to adults. In this case, there was a sudoku puzzle book and a carabiner, among other things.

Yes, I'm thankful. I've got many blessings in my life.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

getting ready

That magical day is fast approaching, and I've got to be ready. Yes, retirement is around the corner. I've come a long way around the block, and almost to the home stretch. March 31, 2010 is my target date, and that will be here before I know it. So...

My plan when I bought my little Hyundai Tuscon almost 3 years ago was that I would trade it in about now, and start out fresh with a new vehicle. I didn't go with a brand new one, but last night I got a 2008 Toyota Highlander (check this link for a shameless plug for where my son works). Woo hoo! It's a bit roomier, the gas mileage should be comparable to the Tuscon, and will be a comfortable ride for my trip to Idaho next summer, as well as any other excursions I set out on. No pic today, maybe one of these days.

And, it will be able to pull a little travel trailer. My thoughts right now are that I might get a little trailer, and be part of the Sisters on the Fly community. You've got to check out the gallery of trailers that these women have. I've got my eyes open for a vintage trailer that's in pretty decent shape, and reasonably priced (meaning cheap!). Sherry, do you know of any in east Texas??? I've posted a notice at work looking for one, putting the word out. Nolene and Joe suggested I look at a dealership that sells small travel trailers with an eye towards a new one. There is something to be said for electricity and water. And, um, other amenities.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yea! Kelly made it through!

Yes! Kelly Osbourne made it through to the finals on Dancing With the Stars!

I admit it...I'm hooked on DWTS. I think Kelly may have been a bit of an underdog at the start, but she has worked all the way through and gracefully influenced a lot of voters. The way the judges ooohed and ahhhhed over the model every week led me to believe she'd probably be there, though I didn't agree.

Do I think Kelly will win? No, I really think M'ya has it, and deservedly so. But it's nice to see Kelly up there.

Okay. Back to the real world...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

too late for second chance...

I got an interesting piece of mail the other day from a life insurance company, addressed to my husband who died 10 years ago. "Here's that second chance you hoped for, Mr. xxx." And, his acceptance is guaranteed, regardless of the condition of his health. Yep. It says so. In black and white. They go on to say they want to do something for a too-long neglected group. Ummm, it's really a bit late for a second chance, and I don't think his particular group is in a position to care.

I know names get on mailing lists, but really. 10 years and 2 moves later, and he still gets mail?

Monday, November 2, 2009

the torch has been passed

For quite a few years, I've made deviled eggs to take to family gatherings. What's ironic is my own kids don't even care for them, but my sister's kids seem to really like them. "Is Aunt Elsie bringing her deviled eggs?" I can even remember quite a few Christmases ago showing two of the next-generation cousins, Brenda and Stephanie, how to make them. They were young girls then, but the seed was planted.

Back in July I went to a baby shower for grand-niece Brenda. Everybody brought a little dish of something, and she requested I make the deviled eggs, which I did. Alas, when I left that afternoon I forgot my egg container.

Then for yesterday's gathering, I was asking my sis what she needed me to bring. I had thought of baked beans, but no, they had that covered. She did say that Brenda wondered if I was bringing deviled eggs. Since I was at the store, I picked up another container, went home and made up some eggs. Well.

I got to sis's house, walking in with my eggs and no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies (another favorite...yum), and lo and behold there was my first egg container filled with eggs! Brenda made some herself! Mighty proud of that girl, for the eggs were quite tasty. I told her, the container is now yours, and the torch has been passed.

The question for future family gatherings? Is Brenda bringing her deviled eggs?

edited to add "recipe" on making deviled eggs:

I don't use specific measurements. Peel some boiled eggs, cut in half length-wise, and scoop out the yolk. To the yolks, add a nice spoonful of Miracle Whip, a squirt of mustard, a spoonful or so of pickle vinegar, and some salt...all to taste. Mash/stir to a less than pasty don't want it too dry, but not too runny. Spoon the mixture back into the egg whites, and sprinkle the top with paprika. I usually chill them for a bit before serving. Theoretically you'll get 2 deviled eggs per egg. Actually I usually lose one or two halves in the process...some might be "fragile" and split, but also I like them to have a nice rounded filling, so I fill the firmest eggs first and toss the one or two that might be left...or use them in another recipe.