Friday, March 30, 2012

it's still Friday at 11:55 pm

This day almost slipped by without my Favorite Friday post!  Oh no, how could that happen???

Here's my favorite for today, the chaste tree.  Given to me for Mother's Day a few years ago, and actually there are three of them, they're still going strong.  Amazing, something I haven't managed to kill off.  I guess that right there tells you it is hardy as well as pretty.   This picture is from last year I think.  I trim them back over the winter, and now they are budding out quite nicely.

Ah, Spring is here!

Friday, March 23, 2012

it's know what that means

It's Friday Favorite time again.  This little wagon has been one of my favorites for many years now.  Actually, this is the 2nd version, having worn out the first one many years ago.

Yes, the ever-popular little red wagon.  I may or may not have had one as a child, but there was a popular  song out featuring the wagon.  Remember that? Written by Rex Griffin, I found it recorded by Hank Thompson and Willie Nelson, among who knows how many others.

At this point I intended to slip in the lyrics to the Little Red Wagon song, but in case there are copyright issues, I'll let you look at them here.  :)

While I may not have had one as a child, I've kept one around for the last 10 years or so.  Its a work horse!  I can't tell you how many loads its carried to my back yard, and the help its been.  Of course, there's the added benefit as the grandkids came along that they can enjoy it as well.   Or, as in this case with Elise last year, I can put them to work with it.  ;)
This will most likely be the last year for my wagon, at least the one you see here.  It's rusting out, and has a hole or two.  I'm afraid anything too heavy just might break through.  But that's okay.  I'll make  a planter out of her, and get up another one to pick up the reins and carry the load.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

flower girl

Elise was here on Friday, and took great pleasure in watering plants and bushes.  In fact, she enjoyed her little gardening tools so much she took them home and slept with her trowel in hand.     Yep, a lot like her daddy, and just a touch of Grams thrown in the mix.  Think when she grows up that she'll still like playing in the dirt?   I hope so.
 (Don't pay attention to the weeds, just to the little cutie in her tutu.  I'm in the process of spring cleaning in the flower beds.)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday favorite time

Cryptogram puzzles have long been a favorite of mine.  Give me a variety book of puzzles, and cryptograms are the ones I turned to first.

Crypto puzzles are phrases, quotes, or lists that have substituted different letters for the correct ones.  They've jumbled up the alphabet, and started writing.   Each puzzle has it's own code, and there's definitely a challenge there.  But as with anything, practice makes the process easier.  You learn to recognize patterns of words or usage, such as "the" being used frequently, and "I" and "a" as the one-letter words.  Then there are contractions, which are easy to spot with their apostrophe, as in "can't" and "didn't".  I was real proud of myself the first time I saw "people" in crypto form and recognized it just by looking at it.  :) 

You can imagine my excitement when I spotted my first puzzle book that was dedicated solely to cryptograms.  I've only seen them on the shelves a couple of times, so its not a monthly publication.  In fact, the one I'm looking at now says its the vacation issue.  That's not surprising, since vacations are typically the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good  book.  This book just happens to need a pencil to go with it.  

I looked online to see if they still put this out, but sadly all I found is this.  They've ceased production.  I guess this is an example that we need to let companies know immediately if we like their products so they will know to keep on making them.  In the meantime, the variety books will let me continue to enjoy my cryptograms.

Friday, March 9, 2012

another Friday favorite

Looking back, years ago it was hard to justify to myself that I should get something for me "just because".  You know how it is...the kids need new shoes, or an appliance needs replacing, or you're still trying to get some of the not-so-necessary convenience items.   Being frivolous was not an option.

There came a time when the kids were grown and I was the only one I had to look out for.  I found myself drawn to this vase in Mervyns department store.   I'd look at it, and go off to look at other things.  I'd look again.  Sure do like those colors.  I had absolutely no need of it.  Finally I just thought "why not", and got it.

To this day, its never had a bouquet of flowers in it, but that's ok.  I like it just the way it is, and it brings me pleasure every time I look at it.  I'd say that's $30 or $40 well spent.

What about you?  Any frivolous no-regret items in your life?

Monday, March 5, 2012

talking trash here

As I mentioned recently, I now have a dvd of chair exercises.  One of the recommendations is to use a straight back chair, such as one used at the dining table.  Mine are somewhat tall and rounded, and not really practical for this purpose, and they don't recommend folding chairs.  I decided to check out some garage sales to see what I might find.

Friday is trash day in my neighborhood, and as I was taking a couple of bags of weeds out to the curb, I noticed my neighbor a few doors down had set out a dining room chair.  Elise and I walked over to it, and when the neighbor came out with more trash, I asked if he minded if I took the chair.  Not a problem.  I got it home, and other than a stained cushion and a couple of wobbly legs, it looked to be in decent condition.
My trusty little allen wrench was all I needed to tighten the legs.  I found the screws that attached the cushion, and was able to remove it.   Needing some fabric to cover it with, I headed out to the store and passed a church garage sale.  I do like to plunder through garage sales, and hadn't been to one in awhile, so I stopped.  Lo and behold, I found a piece of upholstery fabric that would work just fine and it was only $1.  And I only needed half of it, so technically the repair only cost me 50 cents!

Here's my 50 cents chair.  Heckuva deal.  :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

favorites on Friday

I've decided to do something different.  Well, at least on Fridays.  I've gotten a bit complacent, and inspiration doesn't always come at my command.  So....on Fridays I'll be posting one of my "favorites".  Don't expect showy and glamorous, that's not me.  But you can expect to see a glimpse of just who I am.

Here's the debut favorite.  The story behind this particular glass of chocolate milk?  I got the glass at a garage least 15 years ago.   I think it appealed to me because it brought to mind an old-time soda shop.  Not that I've ever been to an old-time soda shop, but I can picture a soda jerk holding the glass up to a fountain machine and filling it with a shake or fizz.  I don't necessarily use it every morning, but its probably the one I reach for first.  So satisfying to pour in the milk, add chocolate syrup, and hear the clink clink clink of spoon stirring against glass.

Ah, it's the simple things in life that give me pleasure.

There may be some out there so young to not recognize the term soda jerk.  This is to show I'm not being derogatory, it truly was a job title.  :)