Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sometimes mistakes are okay

You think if I tell myself that enough it will make it right? I finished my little snowmen in the window quilted wall hanging this week, knowing it had a mistake in it. It was too far along to fix when I realized the error of my ways. You see, Mr. Snowman is supposed to be standing tall where you can see all of his smile. My guy turned out to be short and part of his smile is hidden behind the window sashing.

Maybe I can say he started melting?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Now, how do you fix that????

My ears perk up when someone talks about a new dish they had for dinner, or an old favorite. I listen closely, and often even jot down the instructions. But quite honestly, I rarely cook anymore. Maybe once a week, twice if I'm really on a roll, and then its usually an old no-brainer standard. Tacos, maybe a crockpot stew.

I think I pay attention to those food ideas as a connection to those days when I had family at home to feed. Now, cooking is actually almost a chore to get through. There's a lot to be said for frozen entrees!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brothers and sisters...gotta love 'em

Brothers and sisters add a lot to life. It's nice to know that there are those out there who know where you come from, why you do some of the quirky things you do, and still like you anyway!

It's nice to look around the house and see different connections to family. That's part of what makes it a home. I see the lattice patio that John and Bonnie put up (I started to say "helped" put up, but realized as I wrote that I'm the one who had a very minor role in the helping, John really did it all); see the flower bed that Carl and Billie helped make a reality; appreciate the yardwork that Troy enjoys doing when they come, and Sue's encouragement in whatever I do; and the myriad ways Nolene and Joe have enabled me to make things more comfortable, whether it's laying out pallets of grass or changing the direction of a refrigerator door, or loaning me some tool I don't have.

Yes, I included spouses in all the references. They've all been in the family so long, they're included as my brothers and sisters. I can hope that my kids have that same sense of family over the years, and know as I do that they can always count on each other for anything.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

where's the cache????

No, not cash...cache! I'm into the world of geocaching now, and gotta say, it's fun. Who'd of thought that I, elsie123, would enjoy traipsing across fields, cemeteries, and trails, looking for the elusive camo container???

Oh sure, there are times it probably seems kind of lame. But really, this is modern day treasure hunting! Sometimes there are trinkets and stuff in the container, but often it's a tiny little tube where you just sign your name that you've been there and found it.

All you need is a GPS receiver, the website, comfy clothing (you have no idea the conditions you have to tromp through), and a willingness to go for the unknown. You do have to watch out for muggles, those not-in-the-know people who might wonder about what you're doing and invade the cache when you're on down the road. But the stealth adds to the adventure.

And here's the best's actually something I can do with my kids and grandkids! Something I looked into as a hobby for my retirement days, and its fun right now. Pretty cool. Check into it yourself, I think you'll enjoy it.