Sunday, May 23, 2010


I went to a few garage sales yesterday morning, picking up a few little items but nothing really special...a couple of books, some Disney Princess things for Ashlynn, some wooden puzzles for the kids.  Then yesterday afternoon, about 3:00, I was on my way home from running a few errands and decided to take a different way home since there was a long line at the red light.  I came across a garage sale sign, and decided on a whim to swing by and see if they were still open.  They were.

Being that late in the day, I didn't expect to find a lot, and sure enough, there were "slim pickins".  I asked the woman if she happened to have any fabric, and no, she did not.  We talked, and she mentioned she didn't sew, but she did do crafts.  I told her I liked to quilt, but wasn't into sewing clothes.  One thing led to another, and she mentioned she had her grandmother's sewing machine in the house, just hadn't wanted to drag it out because it was so heavy.  I asked if it was a Singer, and yes, it was.  A treadle machine, and she said it still works.  $35.  She led me into the house to look at it, and even with my sunglasses on in a dark room, I told her I'd take it.

I've not seen a base like this one before.  They're metal legs, and by the looks of it, I'd say they're original.  In checking the serial number on the Singer website, the machine was manufactured in 1936.

I'll clean it up and see if I can work it, just for grins.  But if I'm doing this one, I have another that I've got to pay attention to.  John and Bonnie brought me Mom's old Singer when they moved out here a few years ago, and it's on my list to re-finish that cabinet and get it in the house.   That machine has special meaning, since it's the one I learned to sew on.  I have a feeling that both of these projects will move to the top of my list after I return from my vacation in June.

And with summer coming on, I won't be watching the grandkids on a regular basis.  Elise has been Monday-Friday, and Rhett and Ashlynn on Mondays.   I have a feeling though that I'll still see them pretty often.  ;)

That's it for now. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

here it is, in black and white

Here's my finished top for the black and white quilt...and the accent color is blue! I'll be sending it to my friend Ty to quilt on her long-arm.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

to tote, or not to tote

My black and white quilt is coming along quite well. I'm actually putting on my first border! Pictures will come in a day or two.

In the meantime, I had some blocks left, so decided to make a tote. The intentions are to use it for shopping...gotta keep it green you know. See what you think:

Elizabeth thought it might be a bit small for groceries. Actually I think it will work fine, especially if I have several this size. Some of my others are so big they get quite heavy, and the bread has been squished. This should be manageable.

Just think, I'll be stylin' in the grocery store!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

option 3, and that time of the month

I'm still plugging along on my black and white quilt, the one using half-square triangles. As I mentioned earlier, I have options on how to lay it out. I've made some more blocks, and here's a third design. After I thought I was so smart to come up with all of this, I noticed in the back of the book that they showed different layouts and lo and behold, my 2 optional layouts were among them. Ah well, so much for creativity.

As far as "that time of the month", my secret sister swap package came in the mail today! She really is good to me...along with a nice Mother's Day card, she sent 2 quilting magazines (one from 2007, one from 2008, and both new to me!), 2 one-yard cuts of floral fabric that are predominantly lavender, soft cushioned scissors, 2 patterns for turning sweatshirts into jackets, and some cq goodies...ribbon, trim, beads, floss, fabric. Thanks, secret sis!