Thursday, April 24, 2008


After weeks of work, sweat, and frustration (well, 3 weeks) I've got an offer on my house! I would imagine all the signatures will be in place by tomorrow or so, and we're looking at a closing date of May 22nd. Needless to say, I'm excited, and looking forward to this next phase of my life.

Will there be tears of sadness as I prepare to depart? I don't think so, though I do like my neighbors and will miss the evening chats while watering the lawn or just sitting out in the yard. There was an element of emotion when I sold my house in Burleson, but I think that was because I had raised my kids there and it held so many memories. Now I think its a sense of finding where I want to make some new roots, and the anticipation of meeting new people and discovering new roads.

New beginnings. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Aargh and The Fun

You know, this business of selling a house could really get a person down if you let it. I mean, you work to get the house ready to sell, cleaning from top to bottom. Clear out clutter. Then you wait for it to show. Then you wait for a comment or offer. Then you wait some more.

I try not to take it personal. Why isn't my house showing? Do they like what they see? If it's good enough for me, why isn't it good enough for them? Or, if it's not good enough for me to want to stay here, how can I expect someone to want it? I know, I know. Don't overthink it.

And I also know that I've only been into this a relatively short time. It's been listed with the realtor all of 2 1/2 weeks now. Sigh. Patience, Elsie, patience.

On a brighter note, I went to the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth today, and it was really nice. John and Bonnie joined me, and we strolled around Sundance Square taking it all in. I learned about egg tempera (egg white mixed with powder for the paint), and how one artist was able to get the effect of light cascading over her subjects/characters (working and working repeatedly using water and a fan brush till she was satisfied). I think that was the best part of it, that the artists were right there and you could visit with them about their craft. That, and the fact we went on Friday instead of the weekend, when I'm sure it will really be packed.

What else has been going on? It has been a couple of weeks since I've posted, so let me scratch my brain a bit, and see.

I went to the Botanical Gardens with Robert and his family last weekend. First time I'd been in years, and it was beautiful. Elizabeth and David had gone, and we decided to visit. Well actually, Robert and Angela decided and asked if I wanted to join them. Anyway, it was perfect weather, and quite enjoyable. In the picture that I'm attaching, you may notice Rhett holding a shoe. Ashlynn's shoe had fallen into the water, and after Dad tried to get it, we gave up and started to head on down the path. Rhett was upset that we weren't getting Sister's shoe, so Dad found a long enough twig (as you see in the picture) and was able to reach it before it drifted out too far, and pull it in. Rhett was happy, and good brother that he is, had looked out for his sister.

Anyway, that's it for now. Life is good.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thought this was cute

The kids were over last weekend, and Rhett enjoyed the waterhose as Ashlynn and I just looked around the yard. In the first picture you can see Rhett examining and getting acquainted with the hose. Now look at the little-boy grin in the second picture, and guess what might have caused it! Just click on the picture to bring it big enough to see his expression.

number magic

As I'm sorting through things in preparation of moving, I come across all kinds of good stuff. The bulletin board in my sewing room held a variety of items that have drawn my attention for one reason or another. I had pictures cut from magazines of hair styles I liked, as well as clothes. These pretty well got tossed since they had been there for years and I just don't wear dresses or skirts anymore. There were pictures of upholstery projects that I will get to someday, and ideas for future paintings. Also, some quilt blocks in anticipation of time or inspiration to complete. My favorite is a picture of an old truck that I'd love to have the ability to restore. I'm keeping it just because it speaks to me. Underneath the layers were a few Reader's Digest articles, pretty much "bloom where you're planted" pieces full of feel-good words. At the bottom of the page of one of these articles was one of the filler items Reader's Digest is known for. Here it is:

Take your house number and double it. Add five. Multiply by half a hundred, then add your age (if you're under 100). Add the number of days in a year, and subtract 615. The last two figures will be your age; the others will be your house number.

Now, if you're over 100 I don't know what you do but you probably don't care about the silly thing anyway. And I used the standard year, not leap year.

Try it, just for grins.