Wednesday, July 15, 2009

wednesday morning

We had a couple of birthdays in the family this past weekend, with Lily turning 7 and Ashlynn turning 3. They grow up so fast, don't they?

And I've been helping Elizabeth with the bumper pads and crib skirt for Little One. Shouldn't be too long till they're finished.

News in the flower bed. I have a lot of buds on the mums I brought back from Troy's yard, and one has actually opened up! For some reason I didn't expect them to open till the Fall. I guess I think in terms of them being a cooler weather plant, and we certainly haven't had the cool days.

Almost time to get up and around. Sigh. How long till retirement????


Anonymous said...

theyre a cool weather plant because youre supposed to pinch the bud al summer so theyll build up energy to make bigger blooms in the fall....which is what the nurseries do to get huge blooms.

elsie123 said...

HipHop, is that you? No matter, I appreciate the info!