Tuesday, March 30, 2010

nice and smooth

I see my doctor this morning for my medical release to return to full duty (aka retirement). You might think I was preparing for a date...shower, shave my legs, fix my hair. Anyway. Just before I got in the shower, I grabbed a box with a sample razor, one of those that come in the newspaper periodically. I already had my glasses off, and as I've noted before, I'm practically blind in the shower without them.

I lathered up, and started pulling the razor up my calf. Nice and smooth, I thought. No pull. Must be a good brand. I proceeded to the other leg, and my underarms, and then I happened to think...did I take off the little protective plastic that covers the blade?

Maybe I ought to check into that surgery that makes glasses unnecessary.


Sherry said...

LOL Yep. Once you retire, your brain instantly turns to mush. ;o)

Butterfly said...

Oh this is so funny - sounds like something I would do.