Sunday, February 27, 2011

ask me how I know...

My pretty glass pitcher did not hold up well to making tea today.  Something about hot liquids?  I remembered when I heard a loud "crack" while pouring the freshly brewed tea into it.  Sigh.  Lesson learned. 
Fortunately Elizabeth had already texted me earlier asking if I could use a glass pitcher.  She was cleaning out a cabinet and came across two she never uses.   All is not lost!   Next time I just need to remember to make my tea in the old Tupperware pitcher, then pour into the pretty glass one.  ;)

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Sherry said...

I did that way back when...canning peaches. I already had the water in the cold pack canner heating. I filled the peaches, poured the syrup over. Evidently it was colder than the hot water in the canner. I lost a full load of peaches. Sigh.

Um...can I borrow the "boys" for a while? :-)