Monday, November 28, 2011

another milestone...mine!

Arrgh!  I had prepared a totally fantastic post and then got an error message and it went away!  So, here I am again, and hope this one can make it through.

I've reached another milestone day, and can't say I really feel any different than I did yesterday.  But, since it is my birthday, I will offer up a few thoughts.  I know, I'm only 62, so I don't have nearly as much wisdom as I will have in another 20 years, but that's okay.  It's my birthday, and I can do what I want.  ;)

I've noticed that as the muscles have been shifting a bit in the last few years, my mouth muscles are right there with them.  I used to be able to whistle well enough to recognize a tune, now I can hardly get out much of a whistle at all.  Sigh.

About clothing.  I've always been pretty good about not making outrageous combinations, but lately I've come to appreciate that its not that big of a deal.  Oh yeah, I still try to dress respectable as I leave the house.  But, as I sit here in my pink flowered pj bottoms, and a lavender t-shirt with Christmas trees, I appreciate the freedom of comfort.  The top is long sleeved, and since its a bit cool, I think they look perfect together.  :)

And when did I get so particular about toilet paper?  I'm an over-the-top person myself,  but recently in the middle of the night when it was necessary to change the paper, somehow it got on with paper coming off the under side (I started to say bottom, but that just didn't present a good visual image). In the light of day, nothing to do but change it out to the proper way.  Would it have hurt anything to stay that way till the next change-out?  No, but it got changed anyway.

You thought I'd wax poetic about all the days of my life, didn't you???  I know I'm blessed, and I'll leave it at that.

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving.

Yes, good eats, the kids playing outside to run off some energy, and a good game of Scrabble at the kitchen table.

Yesterday I met Robert and his family at Red Lobster and enjoyed some shrimp.  I also introduced him to the pleasures of Boggle on my Ipod.

Today I was able to open a package I received from my Birthday Secret Sister over on the HGTV quilting/sewing forum.  This was something new this year, several of us participated and were given the name of one person to send something for their birthday. We had a limit of either $20 or $25, I forget which.  Goes a long way with sales, printing off the internet, and making projects.  I drew Sue B., and sent her package in August.  Sewnso had my name, and I got my package Friday.  It was hard to wait till today to open, but it is!   The patchwork pieces in the top photo are mug rugs, which are over-sized coasters to hold a snack and cup or glass.  The embroidered garden piece will find it's way into a garden quilt/wall hanging I've been turning over in my mind.  Great thought went into these gifts that are so "me".  Thanks, Sewnso!

I better get around and get a few things done.  Have a good week, all.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Linda.....If I could may things as interesting as you do, I'd blog too!!!! See you soon! Linda L.

Anonymous said...

I ment say!