Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm still here

Haven't been around much lately.  Guess that's because there's not been a whole lot going on. 

I'm still watching Elise during the week, but I'm off since this is Spring break.  She gets to stay home with Daddy, and I'm sure she's enjoying it.  While she's not around, I'm taking advantage of the opportunity and working on a few pre-school activity kits to have on hand.  My neighbor Angie was good enough to loan me a box of her kits to use as samples, which has been a great help.  While I didn't get a picture last week, Elise actually helped on one of the kits by painting some clothes pins with me.  And she's played with the fishing pole that has a magnet on the end, and has a variety of objects in the kit to see if the magnet will pick them up or not.  This one that I did get a picture of will help with letter recognition and matching skills.  I hope to make another set of cut up cards with pictures that start with the letters, but she can play with this as it is.

I haven't done much in the way of sewing projects lately, other than mending a few things here and there.  However, in going through a few drawers today, I came across some patches and logos cut off of some work shirts that a friend had passed my way several years ago.  She attached a little note, saying "for Kim's retirement quilt".  At the time (around 2005) I had made a patch quilt for work, and Kim just handed them to me in a joking manner.  Well...I think she's been retired at least a year now, so my thought when I saw them was that I either need to make something or get them back to her.  I played with them a bit, and laid them out on fabric, then decided that I should show it to her before proceeding any further.    This picture shows them on a 16x20 canvas, so you can see it won't be great big.  I've sent her a message, and this will give her an opportunity to see if she wants to update her choices, or if she even is still interested. 
Note:  I've heard back from Kim, and I'm going to work it into a lap size quilt.  We'll see what else I do with it.  ;)

Oh!  I almost forgot...I went to Memphis recently!  No, not the city...the broadway show presented at Bass Performance Hall.  It was a lot of fun, especially since Toni and Bonnie went with me.

Okay, guess that's it for now.  Hopefully I won't wait so long to come back.  :)

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