Sunday, August 4, 2013

quilting, game-ing, and me

The baby shower for my friend's daughter Cara was yesterday, so now I can show the quilt I made.  I had made a quilt for Cara's first baby about 8 years ago, and I understand she wagged it around for years.  I can only hope this little one will like his as well as his big sister liked hers.

And here's the back side.
For a closer look, you can see I took the little characters on the front and added to the back.
It was a fun little quilt to make.  I've not had a lot of experience with fmq-ing (free motion quilting), so I did a cross-hatch quilting on it, going in diagonal lines across the quilt in both directions about 3 inches apart.  I was pleased with how it came out.  

In other news, this has been a relaxing summer.  One thing I enjoy is an "occasional" game on my computer.  :)   One of the games is Chuzzle, and I like that it has a Zen mode that just allows you to play without a lot of obstacles in it.  I'll play for awhile, then move on to something else, and when I return my score picks up where it left off.  Well.....I hit 1,000,000 points recently!  I don't know how long this particular game has been going on, months I'm sure, but now I'm working on two million. 
I've also managed to play catch-up on some taking-care-of-me chores this month.  I've been to the dermatologist and had a few spots frozen off, had my routine mammogram and colonoscopy, and a well-checkup with the related blood workup.  I'm happy to say that everything is fine.  Well, I've not heard on the mammogram yet, but should in the next few days.  I figure there's nothing critical or they would have reached me by now.  So, by getting this all done I was able to mark off a big check on my to-do list. 

That's it for now.   Have a good week!

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