Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brothers and sisters...gotta love 'em

Brothers and sisters add a lot to life. It's nice to know that there are those out there who know where you come from, why you do some of the quirky things you do, and still like you anyway!

It's nice to look around the house and see different connections to family. That's part of what makes it a home. I see the lattice patio that John and Bonnie put up (I started to say "helped" put up, but realized as I wrote that I'm the one who had a very minor role in the helping, John really did it all); see the flower bed that Carl and Billie helped make a reality; appreciate the yardwork that Troy enjoys doing when they come, and Sue's encouragement in whatever I do; and the myriad ways Nolene and Joe have enabled me to make things more comfortable, whether it's laying out pallets of grass or changing the direction of a refrigerator door, or loaning me some tool I don't have.

Yes, I included spouses in all the references. They've all been in the family so long, they're included as my brothers and sisters. I can hope that my kids have that same sense of family over the years, and know as I do that they can always count on each other for anything.

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