Sunday, November 11, 2007

where's the cache????

No, not cash...cache! I'm into the world of geocaching now, and gotta say, it's fun. Who'd of thought that I, elsie123, would enjoy traipsing across fields, cemeteries, and trails, looking for the elusive camo container???

Oh sure, there are times it probably seems kind of lame. But really, this is modern day treasure hunting! Sometimes there are trinkets and stuff in the container, but often it's a tiny little tube where you just sign your name that you've been there and found it.

All you need is a GPS receiver, the website, comfy clothing (you have no idea the conditions you have to tromp through), and a willingness to go for the unknown. You do have to watch out for muggles, those not-in-the-know people who might wonder about what you're doing and invade the cache when you're on down the road. But the stealth adds to the adventure.

And here's the best's actually something I can do with my kids and grandkids! Something I looked into as a hobby for my retirement days, and its fun right now. Pretty cool. Check into it yourself, I think you'll enjoy it.

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Elizabeth said...

Yes, That is me out there geocacheing... but you know, I was just there to watch Rhett, that's all... not like I LIKE the geocaching. haha
I will be going back to the cemetary to find that stupid one we couldn't find, and I will bring spider spray!