Sunday, April 6, 2008

number magic

As I'm sorting through things in preparation of moving, I come across all kinds of good stuff. The bulletin board in my sewing room held a variety of items that have drawn my attention for one reason or another. I had pictures cut from magazines of hair styles I liked, as well as clothes. These pretty well got tossed since they had been there for years and I just don't wear dresses or skirts anymore. There were pictures of upholstery projects that I will get to someday, and ideas for future paintings. Also, some quilt blocks in anticipation of time or inspiration to complete. My favorite is a picture of an old truck that I'd love to have the ability to restore. I'm keeping it just because it speaks to me. Underneath the layers were a few Reader's Digest articles, pretty much "bloom where you're planted" pieces full of feel-good words. At the bottom of the page of one of these articles was one of the filler items Reader's Digest is known for. Here it is:

Take your house number and double it. Add five. Multiply by half a hundred, then add your age (if you're under 100). Add the number of days in a year, and subtract 615. The last two figures will be your age; the others will be your house number.

Now, if you're over 100 I don't know what you do but you probably don't care about the silly thing anyway. And I used the standard year, not leap year.

Try it, just for grins.

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