Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas and the sewing room

The kids came over Sunday for our family gathering and gift exchange. Flexibility is nice when there are other gatherings going on, and it worked out well to be finished with the hustle/bustle a bit early. Yesterday was good, going over to John and Bonnie's, and Nolene and Joe came too on their way back from Tammy's house.

Wednesday I got started on fixing up my sewing room. I kind of threw things in there when I moved in, and had things where I could pretty well get to them but not really put together. So I've painted the room, put up a curtain (though that could change, at least something's up besides the blinds) and have started getting it back together. At this point my plan is to not bring back in everything that went out! I'll get out today and possibly get some shelves to go on the wall. I'm slipping in the "before" picture and the "during" picture. Bear in mind I had the hutch in the sewing room initially, which took up some space, and it has recently been moved to a better spot, giving me more space to work with. The paint is Behr's Berries and Cream for the accent wall, and Canyon Cloud for the other three.

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everythingquilts said...

I've been saying for months, I'm going to paint and reorganize my sewing room after the holidays. Wow, did the time fly, now that I'm faced with the task, it's a bit overwhelming. I admire you for just tackling it and getting it done. Your space looks terrific. I like how you just done one wall with color. I wanted to put color in my sewing room but was afraid I may get tired of it, but this is a wonderful idea to do just one accent wall, so if I decide to change the color of it, I'll only have to paint the one wall, LOL. I love the 4patch posies you have on your design wall. Make sure you show us a pic when it's finished.