Thursday, December 11, 2008

comfortable shoes

I bought a new pair of shoes the other day. I was in the store and had a lot of walking to do, and it didn't take very long to realize the flats I wore to work weren't going to cut it. You see, I bruised my big toes sometime in the last year, so I've been wearing open-toed shoes for awhile. Why I decided I would wear the flats when I knew we had shopping to do is beyond me, but it didn't take long to feel the pressure. Anyway, one of our stops was in a shoe store to get some gift cards, and while we were there, I took a look around. I came across these, reminiscent (probably spelled that wrong!) of Mary Janes. Can't say I was ever overly fond of Mary Janes, with their straps and patent leather, but these had plenty of toe room, and are actually made in tennis shoe comfort. (I notice the pic is kind of dark, but I think you can see it ok.)

So this got me to thinking of different shoe fashions. Remember saddle oxfords? Seems like I wore those for years as a girl in the late 50's. Then as I was googling for an image, look what I found! I don't wear heels anymore, but if I did, I don't think there's any worry that I'd be wearing these.

I rocked along through high school, and I think tennis shoes were my main footwear, can't remember too well so they must not have made an impression on me. But....a few years later I was working in a doctor's office, and clogs became the rage. Didn't I look cute in my little white uniform clogging around. Sorry, you'll have to settle for a mental image, I don't think I have a picture of me wearing them, but here's one of some similar clogs. I don't really recall them being all that great, but darned if I was going to say anything about it since I paid more than what I usually paid, and didn't want to hear any "I told you so".

Anyway, I guess I've graduated into the "I don't care what they look like, I want to be comfortable" stage. Though Elizabeth has been known to point out when it's time for new tennis shoes after they've worked in the yard a few times, I've got to say, that's probably when they're at their best.


Elizabeth said...

Look at you branching out and getting something different!

lani said...

Saddle oxford I wore them all thru my catholic private school days all K-12 good lord that was a long time...but I kinda miss um

everythingquilts said...

I've always thought of the saddle oxfords as cheer leading shoes. My DD has several pairs of the ones you just got, she loves them. I think she even has tennis shoes with the same style. I really need new shoes myself, I'm all about comfort.