Saturday, February 21, 2009

weekend rolls around

Ah, another week rolls by. Been busy, and not a whole lot accomplished, all at the same time!

We've been working on that data entry project at work that has allowed me to get some overtime, which is very nice. But it sure makes me appreciate those people who work 2 jobs to make ends meet. I can do this since I know it's for a short duration, but sure couldn't imagine doing it long term. And I'm only putting in 5-8 hours a week. Kudos to those who regularly put in the extra 15-20+.

I did take off this afternoon since the temperature was up there around 70. I needed to paint the eaves on the house before new guttering goes on. I know, I painted shortly after I moved in last year, but I wasn't totally pleased with the color. So, the new is a putty color that was matched to the guttering sample. I made good progress, and got most of the area that allows the project to move forward. Just need to call the guy and arrange a time. I've got one little area where the old guttering is by the front door, and they'll remove it and I can paint that little strip. I can tell I'm not as young as I once was! I'm sure it was all that fresh air this afternoon that had me knocked out on the couch early in the evening. Yeah, that's it.

Other news this week, I've been wanting to paint another art project, so I started on this. I'm not an accomplished artist (can you tell???), and it's been probably a year since I did my last little project. I got as far as the sky, although on one of the cd's it looks more like an ocean. I'll have to see where it goes. Just not enough time to do all the little things I want. Here's the picture I'm using as inspiration, it's one brother Carl took in Idaho.

Guess that's it for now. Have a good weekend...


everythingquilts said...

Yes, I have painting to do only I have been putting mine off and it has now turned into nearly every room of the house that needs it. Only I have no excuse because I only work a few hours a week (outside of the home that is) Maybe one day soon, I'll at least get one of the rooms done. I'm anxious to see your finished CD paintings.

Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad that you enjoyed that recipe for Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu. It is one of my favorites!

Take care,