Saturday, April 18, 2009

attacking another ufo

I came across this quilt many years ago on a guild's website and really liked it, even bought raffle tickets on it. Didn't win the raffle, but I did decide I'd give it a try. My version will be a smaller wallhanging.

After a few years, I actually got to this point of laying it out and auditioning border prints. Then, life gets in the way, moving on to making other quilts with a higher priority, i.e. grandkids, the Texas Two Step, California, Ashley's t-shirt quilt....

Just this morning I thought, I can go ahead and get the leaf top ready and do some hand quilting on it. After all, I'm still a few weeks away from a final decision on the baby quilt for my newest grandbaby.

So, I'm glad to say that this ufo (unfinished object) has risen to the top! At least for the time being.

(I'm sure many of you realize that just the act of posting this is to spur me on to getting closer to completion.)


everythingquilts said...

Elsie, I love the leaves in yours so much better then the inspiration one. Not that it isn't very nice too but I like it without the lighter strips in it. This is so pretty and very inspiring to me.

Hip Hop said... seriously need some background info posted on this one. After giving up on figuring out how a quilt of leaves relate to a ufo I had to stop laughing at the image of you taking two-step lessons!

elsie123 said...

Hey! There was a time I could two-step with the best of 'em! But the Texas Two-Step I'm referring to is the one over my fireplace...and of course the one I made John and Bonnie.