Monday, May 25, 2009

cannas revisited

Several years ago when I lived in Burleson, there were cannas all along the fenceline, well nurtured by the septic tank lines. They have a propensity to be prolific, and needed to be thinned periodically, so several went to Nolene. When I moved, I didn't get around to digging up a few to take with me.

Time went by, and while I planted several things at my Alvarado house, cannas weren't in the mix. Nolene's cannas still prospered.

I've been here in Mansfield a year now, and this year I've been able to work in the yard a bit. When Nolene said they were clearing out some of the cannas (Joe had already mowed some down), I jumped at the chance to get a few. I've put some in the front, some at the side (mowed by Joe!), and still have a few to go in the back with Troy's mums.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend. Take time to remember and give thanks for those who serve and have served to keep us free, especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.


Hip Hop said... least I can say I tried.

elsie123 said...

I know, I'm not the gardener you hoped I would be. Ah well, there's still room in the flower bed for other improvements...

Sherry said...

My grandmother had a patch of red cannas. We would make a playhouse in the center. No telling how many snakes we ran out! I definitely didn't think about it then and am so glad that brothers and cousins didn't mention it.

You know that you really should get a motorcycle! Then your description would really fit! ;o)