Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gotta hurry...June 1st will be here soon!

As I've mentioned, my intent is to have my office (the bedroom with my computer) finished by June 1st. Well, as the date gets closer, I'm making good progress. (No pictures today, too messy.)

I'm almost finished painting, just a little cutting in to do at the top of one wall. Don't know why, probably because I just wanted to get it done, but I slapped some paint on that part of the wall, and it was still too wet to get to the top for the cutting in before I gave it up for the night. Usually I cut in first, but oh well. I'll get that done in a little bit, then the paint supplies can go out to the garage. Next on the agenda is putting up some brackets to hang some shelves over the desk area, which won't take too long, then hemming the curtains. I've hung them up to see how they'll look, and to measure where the hem will go, and left them for now.

One casualty in all of this is the two drawer lateral file. It's one of those put-it-together-yourself kits from an office supply store that I've had probably 4 or 5 years. I can't get the drawers to stay shut, and it wants to tump over. I'm going to get the good old standard metal 2 drawer cabinet that will fit in the closet, and chunk this monster. It's a pretty monster, but a monster none the less.

Don't know how much I'll get done today. Robert and Angela have signed on a new home, so I'm going over today to help them pack. The movers are coming Thursday. What fun! It's always fun to start a new chapter in life, and that's just what they're doing.

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