Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday I went to see Julie and Julia with Carolyn, Marilyn, and Jennifer. Really cute movie, and yes, I give it a 2 thumbs up.

I came home thinking, I really need to try preparing one of her recipes one of these days. I wonder if I can con the family into coming over if they know I'm experimenting again? I'll have a better chance with John and Bonnie, and Nolene and Joe. Whether they're truly open to trying new things, or just polite, I'm not sure. (I have noticed that they now ask what we're having before committing!) But my kids are not so adventurous. Ah.

So anyway. This morning I got hungry, but didn't have a lot on hand and didn't want to get dressed to go to the grocery store. I scrounged around, and found a biscuit mix, deciding on cinammon biscuits. Should be easy and quick enough. Well.

First I reduced the amounts, just needing a few biscuits and not a whole panful. I may have been off a tad on my measurements, but no matter. (As I remember now, Julia did mention in the movie that all recipes needed measurements.) So I stirred it up, patted it out, and placed them in a pan. Into the oven they went.

They baked, I washed a few dishes, read a blog or two, and the timer went off. Hmmm. They don't look a lot different. Onto the plate they went.

I tasted, and I think I can honestly say they were about the worst biscuits ever. Flat. Bland. Even with the cinnamon-sugar topping. Into the trash they went.

It's a good thing noone was here. If anyone had seen this, they might not want to try future recipes!


Sherry said...

Come on! You've got to make biscuits froms scratch! With real lard!!! ;o)

Try downloading the quilters program again. I don't know if it's because of the Vista or not. I just a couple of days ago downloaded the newer version. Are you on dial-up? If you continue having problems, see if there's a contact link to ask the guy.

IF I did try my 'magic' with your photo, you're still going to have to have the program to open it. That thing prints out about 10-20 pages for one pattern. No two pieces are interchangable...they only fit where they fit.

Let me know. I'm out of town now...using a computer in the library at Mt. View Arkansas. Mama's napping at the motel. From here I go to the LQS...;o)

Lady of the Cloth said...

I tried to get friends to go to that movie yesterday but no luck. I sure want to see it. baked things sure do need a recipe. Things like soups, etc. just throw in what looks/tastes good.My niece always tries one new recipe a week and I've admired that trait. I try to do it too. I don't invite company, however, just hubby and me, then if it works, I'll try it on guests. LOL

Hip Hop said...

I know someone who's getting cookie sheets for Christmas...