Saturday, October 10, 2009

second top finished

Spiderman has made good progress this week, and the top is finished. Just need to get the backing together, and it will be ready to move on to the quilting part. I'm pleased with how it came together, even though it's not the original shadow quilt I had envisioned. That's how it is sometimes...start out in one direction, then take a turn in the road. When the stripes didn't work out for the shadow, I wasn't sure what to do until I decided to separate it from the darker blue print with a border. I chose to have the stripes going out from each side, and mitered the corners. And really, I don't think that little grandson of mine will care too much about the design once he sees Spiderman all over the place!

I've told them at work that I'll be retiring come the end of March. Kind of scary in a way, but not enough to change my mind! I think they've finally realized I really intend to do this, so they're starting to take steps to fill my position. Some of my projects only come around once or twice a year, so this will give them time to learn a bit about it. As fast as this year has gone already, just a couple more blinks of the eye and it will be here.

And I forgot to say in my last posting that I've topped 100 geocache finds! That's not a lot in the geocaching world, where many people have hundreds, some even have thousands of finds. But it's been fun, and there will come a day when I'll have more time to pursue it. In the meantime, I cache when I can. Check out the link to learn more about geocaching.

That's it for now. Stay healthy, and have a good week.

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