Sunday, January 17, 2010

this and that

Another week down. They're flying by these days, aren't they?

Early this week on the way in to work, it was cold and drizzly, and there were lots of birds on the telephone lines/high wires. The funny thing is, they all seem to congregate in one place! Right across the street, there might not be a single one. Of course that particular day I didn't have my camera, but it fascinated me that they were so consistent in their proximity to each other. If there was a larger gap in between two birds, one could slip into the space and not throw off the spacing one bit. I had my camera with me on Thursday or Friday, and got one pic. Same consistent spacing. Not the clearest, but here it is.

One of my Christmas gifts to Lily was a sewing basket with puppy dogs on the outside, and I put in a few supplies for her to learn embroidery. Now that the holidays have calmed down, I was able to spend a bit of time with her yesterday and introduce her to the art. At this point she's getting used to holding and threading the needle (we're starting off with a tapestry needle so it's nice and big), and getting comfortable with it. She's going to be a quick learner...lots of concentration!It was also David's birthday, so happy b'day David! Here he is, with Elise snug in Daddy's arms.And I realize I forgot to mention on here what I received in the January package of my secret sister swap...a gift card to Lowe's (one of my favorite places!), some pretty pieces of fabric, and a couple of fresheners to go in the air filters so my house can smell wonderful. I think I've told about it earlier, but monthly throughout 2010, the BSSers (big secret sisters) give packages to their LSSer (little secret sister). Then in December we reveal our identities to the LSS. Sadly in going with this, I can't post what I make and send, because she might see it and guess who I am. Anyway, here's what I got. Thanks BSS!

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