Sunday, January 24, 2010

January happenings

Seems like a big part of January is connected to thoughts of organization. Even if we only get one little part of our life organized, it's a help, and often spurs you on to other tasks.

My most recent accomplishment is that I've straightened out some silk ribbon that I bought for my crazy quilting (cq-ing). It came in a big baggie, all stuffed in together. Thankfully not tangled or knotted, but still a jumble.

Once completed, nice and neat, they are pretty much sorted by color and easy to identify what I want to use. All it cost was less than a dollar for two little squares of felt, after I used a couple I already had on hand. I simply wrapped the felt around some cardboard tubes (paper towel and tp holders) for a contrasting background, then wrapped the ribbons. A lady on the HGTV board had posted this idea, and I liked it.

I have also taken a look at how many plastic bags have been accumulating around here. Every trip to Target or Walmart, or anywhere for that matter, adds to the stack. Recently I'm really trying to make the effort to take my own shopping bags, eliminating additional clutter. I keep a few in the back seat of my car, and only occasionally forget to take them in with me. I can already see a difference. I'm certain my bit of shopping this morning, using 2 of my own totes, would have been at least another 3 or 4 of the plastics. Much better.

I've cleared some work shirts out of my closet. With retirement on the horizon, I've pulled out all but one to get me through the remaining casual Fridays. Then, woo-hoo! Every day will be a casual day!

Oh, and my current project...a journal cover. Another Friday night happening over on the HGTV message board, this one a class on how to make them. It's coming along well. Should finish either today or tomorrow.

Better scoot. Have a good week!

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