Tuesday, February 2, 2010

secret sister visited me today

I pulled up to the house today to see a package at the mailbox. I've gotta admit, this is really a treat, having a package once in awhile. Generally my mail consists of bills and advertisements, so to see this waiting for me was fun. My secret sis over on the HGTV board sent her February package, and I must say she's really spoiling me.

For one little box, I was surprised at how much I kept pulling out of it. Ahem. Lots of trim, lace, and embellishments for cq-ing (I've told you enough times what that is so I won't even bother with an explanation), along with beads and embroidery thread. Three nice size pieces of fabric...a fq (fat quarter), one yard, and one + yard, all in wonderful purple prints. And 25-30 wonderful little pieces that she must have pulled from her stash...all the wonderful silky, velvety, shiny, exotic prints that are perfect for cq. Then there was body wash, chocolate, socks, and pretty little self stick notes and bookmarks, along with a valentine's card.

Now the detective in me looks at the label, and thinks, hmmm....Kentucky. Wouldn't it be a kick if she was at the Paducah quilt show the same time I hope to go? But then, I'd be walking right past her and not even know it.

Thanks BSS. I'd say you're a keeper!


Liz said...

Raking in the goodies I see!

Roolen said...

That's treasures! :)