Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"will work for food"

Every day now for well over a year I've seen the same guy at the street corner with the little cardboard sign he's holding up, "hungry...will work for food". He must not get many takers since he's there every night. But then, I'm thinking he must be doing okay with whatever gets tossed his way for him to keep coming back. I mean, if it wasn't worth his while, he'd move on...right?

Then tonight when I pulled up to the stop light, he was doing his walk down his path (he's worn a path, he's walked it so much) with his sign in one hand, holding onto his dog's leash with the other. There's something wrong with this picture. He's that hungry, and apparently wants work, yet he's taken on another mouth to feed. Or does he think he'll garner more sympathy with the dog? And if I were dumb enough to put him in the car to have him do some work for me, I'm expected to drag along the dog too?

When did I get so callous? Doesn't matter, I'm still not gonna hire him and his dog. Though I do think he needs to change his sign to just say "give me some money".


Liz said...

awww.. the poor guy just wants a friend... Is the dog a recent addition, or has he been there all along?
Not saying I would give him money or bring him to the house to do work. Maybe he uses the dog as a deterant to keep people from bringing a dog along.. that way they just give him money or food.

SandyQuilts said...

The dog is for sympathy or so I read not too long ago. We have them here too. I just saw my guy with his dog 2 days ago near the railroad tracks. No I don't give money. There are many places in our little City to get food and shelter.