Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ah, a mystery...and a turkey...and some quilting

I got out this weekend with long-time friends Karen and Monica and went to dinner and a mystery theater to see Web of Mystery.  This was the first time I'd been to this community theater production, and I'm sure I'll go back for another one.  It was a nice small venue, maybe seating 60-75 people.   Very affordable evening, $11 well spent for a couple hours entertainment.  Now I want to check out some of the groups closer to home.

Karen and Monica and I were co-workers quite a few years ago.  As life happens, they moved on to other positions, and I stayed in my "other position" that took me through to retirement.  They're a few years younger than me, but the age difference hasn't mattered.  We still get together at least 3-4 times a year to keep up with what's happening. 

Here's Monica.
And here's Karen (she's the baby of the group):

I picked up a turkey Sunday for Thanksgiving dinner.  It's not every year that I cook one, so I made a call to the turkey hot line.  When I mentioned it to Elizabeth, she got a bit of a laugh out of it.   She was surprised that 1) there's a turkey hot line, 2) that I knew about it, and 3) that I called!  Hey, it takes a smart woman to know when to call for help!

And, last but not least, here's my quilting update.  I did this little snoman wall hanging, and didn't realize till after the binding was on that it was a bit wonky at the top border.  The first picture is kind of propped on the couch and you may not be able to tell, but I could.  I stewed about it for a few days, back and forth on whether I should rip it and redo.  Well, I finally did, and it didn't take all that terribly long...and I feel a lot better about it, so it was worth it.  


I know, it may not be a noticeable difference, but, sometimes its just a matter of doing something you need to do.  :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Count your blessings, you may be surprised at how many you have.

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