Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nice day today

I spent the day today with a few friends, working on sewing/quilting projects.  Linda and Kay and I have gotten together a few times now, about once a month.  It started because Linda asked me to show her and Kay how to make a t-shirt quilt.  They were so enthused, and we all had a good time, so we got together again the next month, then again today.  And Carolyn joined us today, working on her first sewing project in years.  It's funny how life takes us full circle...we took the "home ec" classes in junior high and high school, sewed a few things here and there, usually filling a need.  Then the time comes, often after many years of not picking up a needle, when we're back at it again.  There's a difference now though...this is because we enjoy it, and enjoy the process.  To start with a thought and see it through to a tangible object that we can touch and say "I made that"...priceless.

As part of our day, we had a little pot luck lunch.  I fixed tortilla soup, and the others brought the makings for tostadas, some cheese and crackers, and a cake.  Yummo!

Shifting gears a bit, I got my November package from my secret sister.  Since my birthday is this month (its on the 28th, same as Shawkl) she included a nice little custom made wall hanging.  Suits me just perfect...a little wagon loaded with flowers, and in shades of purples on a cream background.  Since the room that my computer is in has a bit of a garden theme (other than the crib and toys for the grandkids), it will fit in quite nicely.  The identity mystery will come to a close with next month's package.

By the way, Shawkl is having a 7 day giveaway, that's coming to a close soon.  Hop on over and see what she has to say.  I met her this summer at a little retreat I went to outside of Houston.  A very nice and talented lady, so willing to share her knowledge.

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