Sunday, June 19, 2011

second half of June already!

It's been a busy week, considering it's summer and I'm not watching Elise 4 days a week. 

I decided I wanted to change out my shower curtain and go to a beach theme.  Of course I decided this after I got back from vacation, not when I'm on the coast where there would be all sorts of fun decorative items.  Anyway, I got the shower curtain, rug, rod, hanging rings, and new towels, and decided to take the popcorn off the ceiling before putting everything out.  You would think I learned my lesson last year when I de-popcorned the master bath.  After several hours of contorting my body to get above the bathtub, commode, and vanity, it was finally scraped, primed, and painted.  (The ceiling, not my body.)  And of course I touched up paint where the walls meet the ceiling.  Then I decided I wanted a new light fixture, and David told me he'd be glad to put it up for me.  Well, that led to getting a new faucet.  I probably made at least 3 trips to Lowes and Home Depot buying and returning one of each, but I've got my choices purchased and waiting till tomorrow for David to work his magic.  Still a few more things that could be done in there, but will probably hold off a few weeks.  Ah well.

I've done a bit of embroidery work.  This first one is a wall hanging I'm making for my Birthday Secret Sister, and it just needs the binding and the hanging sleeve on the back.  This swap only involves a birthday package, and we'll know who gave it upon receiving it (as opposed to the Secret Sisters where there are packages throughout the year and I wouldn't post a picture here until the end of the year).  Anyway, I like this little girl doing her handwork, and made one for myself several years ago though I just framed it.  I like this well enough that I may take mine down and put on some borders for a similar wall hanging.  The border is cute, kind of a plum-y purple with little scissors on it.

While on vacation, I worked on these fashionable ladies.  I've got four stamped on the fabric, and am working on the second one.  They will also be wall hangings, though I don't have a particular final resting spot for them at this time.  Who knows, maybe they'll end up in a craft show.  Eh, we'll see.  We all know you don't get anything near what they deserve for the number of hours work in them.  But, I make them for the enjoyment of doing it, so money isn't a driving force.

I'm meeting friends Monica and Karen today for lunch.  Monica had a birthday while I was out of town, so we're celebrating a couple of weeks late, but celebrating none-the-less.  Happy birthday, Monica!

Guess that's it for now.  Have a good week.  Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!

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Sherry said...

LOL I'm trying not to start ANYTHING! Lazy with a capital L!