Friday, December 16, 2011

note to self

Haven't had much to say lately...or much that I'm able to say.  With Christmas just 9 short days away, some of my projects are still behind zipped lips.  However, I have finished one that I'm able to share.  I talked several weeks ago about a pattern I got for a Texas wall hanging...and here's my completed version.  It's already gone to its new home. 

It was on a yellow wall, so it seems to have picked up a bit of a yellow-ish tinge, but you get the idea.  I'm pleased with it, and will be making another.

It's nice to know that I'm still learning things as time goes by.  Keeps the mind sharp.  Of course, there are times I have reminders that I need to pay more attention to things.  While making Texas, which uses a fusible webbing, I got distracted and...well, let's just say I made a mistake.  Now it's on my design wall as a reminder to be more observant. 

Can you read it?  It says "note to not iron on right side of fabric".  


Florida Farm Girl said...

Elsie, that's a gorgeous wall hanging! Whoever received it has got to just plain proud to have it. And, we've all done those "uh oh" things. :)

Linda L said...

Love it.....Can't wait to see how the home owner reacts when the present it opened!!!!!!