Monday, July 30, 2012

a Friday favorite on a Monday

I've been a tad lax on my Friday Favorites, but consider this little hose caddy high on the list.  I've heard about these little wonders that use the power of the water to rewind the hose, but didn't seriously look at them till this year.  Previously my hose might lay stretched out across the yard for several days because either it was too hot or I was too lazy to put it up.  I'll let you choose which excuse you prefer.  

Mine doesn't look exactly like this one, but very similar.  At this point I intended to insert a little video, but I'm having problems wrapping my brain around it.  Maybe later, sigh.  But how nice it is to just sit on the little ledge, flip the handle, and it starts winding itself up.  Who knew, right?

I find myself lacking a bit in the motivation department this summer.  This is the time of the year to be working on my Scraps to Treasure challenge quilt, and I'm having a time making any progress.  We've all exchanged our fabrics, and I've had mine a few months now.  Ah, we'll see. 

I have read a few books though.  I'd listened to Lee Childs, among other authors, when I was still working.  I've gone back and read a couple of his first books with the Reacher character, and really enjoyed having something that is hard to put down.  I'm on the library's waiting list for the next in line.  In the meantime, I've heard about Robyn Carr, and have just checked out the first 4 books (all in one book) for one of her series.  Think I just figured out what I'll be doing this afternoon.   ;)

That's it for now.  Take it easy, all.

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