Saturday, January 19, 2013

still stitching

I've mentioned I was in a mug rug swap this month, and today I received my mug rug from Evelyn.  Really pretty, I call it kind of a coral rose color, with turquoise stitching.  In case you can't read it clearly, it says Lovely, Loving, Legendary, Ladylike, and Loyal, with the letters spelling out my name lined up vertically and stitched in green.  Amazing how someone who hasn't met me got it exactly right!  :)

I also mentioned earlier that I'm using Evelyn's instructions to make a Boot Scootin' Tree Skirt (Elizabeth helped me come up with the name).  I've made good progress.  All eight boots are stitched, and now I'm working on the rest of the design.  Here's what I've got ready to show.

My neighbor girl Emma and one of her sisters were over recently for a couple of hours, so we came up with an embroidery project for her.  We transferred a flower picture to a piece of Kona muslin for her to stitch.  I wish I'd have thought and just drawn out some straight lines, as well as some curvy and circular.  With her limited experience, it probably would have been more appropriate, but she seemed to enjoy it well enough.  I laughed and told her that when I was learning, and even as recently as the last couple of months, I've been known to stitch the piece to my clothing.  You can guess what happened...she stitched to her clothes!  But overall I think she liked the process.
In other news, Elise and I completed another puzzle.  This one is a 1000 piece Route 66 puzzle.  She tickles me that she enjoys it as much as she does.  Generally I show her where a piece goes and she'll put it in, but there are times she'll hold the piece up to the picture, and show me where it goes.  I thought when we finished that she'd be ready to work a couple of her little puzzles, but she wanted another one of mine.  Of course I was happy to oblige.

Okay, that's it for now.  Have a good weekend everyone.

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