Sunday, January 27, 2013

got some stuff done

Its been a good week.  I was able to finish piecing the Boot Scootin' Tree Skirt, so it will be off to the longarm quilter soon.  It came out well, and I'm pleased.  After it comes back from being quilted, it will be cut from one side into the center, with a hole in the center to fit around the tree.

I also made some doll clothes for Ashlynn's 18" doll this week.  I don't have a doll here to try them on, so I'm hoping they will fit okay.  I plan on making a pair of pants in the same fabric as the pink shirt this next week, and maybe some more once I can verify they fit fine.

As I opened the pattern for the doll clothes, it can be overwhelming to see 29 or 30 little pieces to make the various garments.  The first thing I did was separate the pieces into individual envelopes, and put them into a larger envelope for storage.  It will be quite easy to make a pair of pants, or whatever, by just pulling the appropriate envelope and not having to pick through all the loose pieces.

We got another puzzle worked this week...150 dinosaurs and an egg.  1000 pieces.  It was definitely a challenge, but fun.  Elise enjoyed it too.

That's all for now.  Have a good week!

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suz said...

It does indeed sound like it's been a good week. Good for you. - Sue