Sunday, February 3, 2013

this and that

Sometimes I'm almost compelled to hold onto something just because it might come in handy someday.  I'm getting better about letting go of things, but still have my moments.  And this time it paid off.

Last summer I cut off some denim capris that I didn't like the length, and made them shorter.   There was this set, and one darker.
They yelled out "wait a minute, don't toss me in the trash!"   Probably because of the buttons, who knows.

Now that I'm making a few doll clothes, I thought they might work out for some pants for the doll.  The buttons were too big to look right, but by cutting them to use the inner leg seam they worked out fine.  That seam turned into the outer leg seam for the doll.  And they already had a nice hem, so that was less sewing and working with the heavy denim.   Here's a picture using the darker denim, along with another pair I made using the fabric from the shirt I made last week.  I had a scrap of lace trim that worked well with it.
The pink ones are a tad longer, so we'll say the denims are more of a cropped length.  :)

Angela sent me a phone picture of Ashlynn with her doll and the clothes from last week.
Ashlynn may get tired of the little clothes, but for now I'm enjoying doing something different.

In another area of interest, little Elise has shown an affinity for tucking things away in special spots where she can find them readily.  I may have mentioned that a month or two ago I couldn't find my Ipod.  I looked everywhere I could think.  I happened to mention it in front of Elise, and she immediately went to my room, opened up a small dresser drawer, and sure enough there it was.  It was upside down, and had I glanced in there would most likely have overlooked it.   I've taken a few pictures recently of things I've come across.

Hair bands on the door knob.
 A pill fob on a jar top.

And a couple of bits of red reindeer fabric (from making the boot scootin' tree skirt) in my little drawer with tea towels.
Ah, its the little things that keeps life interesting.

And here's a fun picture of Robert, Angela, Rhett, and Ashlynn.  Angela thought she wouldn't be in it, but surprise!  And I love the look on Rhett's face. 
That's it.  Have a good week. 

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