Friday, February 28, 2014

February flew by real quick

You turn around twice, and blink your eyes, and another month has come and gone.

Remember my quilt-as-you-go quilt? (QAYG)   I can finally say it's finished.  And before March.  Yes, it was just yesterday that I put in my final binding stitch, but it's done.  I really like it, and glad I gave this method a try.  I actually consider it reversible, though the front in strips is my favorite.  I played a bit of an "I spy" game with Elise the other day, and among other things asked her to find a bird.  We couldn't find any, which really surprised me...and one may still show up as we look further.  Still, I'm considering appliqueing a bird somewhere on the front.  Probably at one of the junctions where the lattice doesn't exactly match!  Here it is, front and back.

I'm not sure of the size, maybe 60 x 72?  But it fits on top of a double bed fine, and would drape over a twin bed nicely.

I've started my annual home improvement project.  I try to do something each year, and this year the master bath is getting a bit of an upgrade with new faucets, mirrors over the vanity, and lights.  David got the faucets in last weekend, and we got the big mirror down and out.  Wouldn't you know, when we took the mirror down, there was a hole in the sheetrock.  Guess they figured it would be covered, so why worry about it.  I trimmed it to a workable size to patch, and will work this weekend on getting it textured to hopefully be a decent match, and then paint the area and put up the mirrors.  I have someone lined up to do the lights, but that may not happen immediately.  Just have to see how his schedule works out. 

Here's the before.   The mirror will go away and be replaced with two mirrors, one over each sink. Those lights will change into two fixtures, one over each mirror.  Each fixture will have 3 bulbs.  The faucets have been updated to replace the standard builder's faucet. 
Here you can see where the hole was behind the mirror, though you're seeing it after the messiness was cut away to a decent rectangle for patching.
And this is one of the two new faucets.  I love the high neck on it.  So much easier if there's anything somewhat bulky I want to fit under it.
In other news, Elise and I worked a puzzle this week.  Went down to 550 pieces instead of 1000.  Partly because I just liked the picture with all of the little characters and vehicles, but it also worked well to have the pieces just a bit bigger.  The packaging is now smaller than in years past, and some makers will include a nice size print of the picture for you to use instead of the box picture, but this one did not.  The bigger pieces helped.
Guess that's it for now.  Have a good weekend. 

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