Sunday, February 2, 2014

February stuff

Time managed to slip away the last couple of weeks didn't it?

I'm still doing some art regularly, though not necessarily in my journal.  The last couple of weeks I've been playing with my Zentangle book.  It's fun, and nice to just let go and doodle.  The book I'm working from is "The Art of Zentangle".  Its been a great introduction, and has several practice opportunities.

This first picture is one of the practice pieces after I'd already started, a whimsical fantasy garden.  It was initially kind of a swirly L on the left that spanned across the bottom to the right. I've added in some butterflies, and the doodly swirls and doodads.
In the next picture you can see I've carried it further.  More flowers, and a chirpy little bird.  I've also had the book spiral bound, which makes it much easier to handle and keep my place.
Great artwork?  Hahaha, no.  But it is fun.

I stopped by Red Lobster yesterday for lunch, one of my favorite places that I treat myself to occasionally.  Usually when I dine alone, I have a book to read or puzzles to work while I wait.  This time I took in my book of Cryptograms.  The waitress happened to notice it, and asked what it was.  I explained they were word puzzles, and  different letters are substituted for the correct're breaking a code.  Seeing her interest, I pulled a page out of my puzzle magazine and encouraged her to try it herself.    Just a few minutes later she came back by (it was early in the day and pretty quiet) and showed me her start.  She sat down, and a few minutes later another of the servers came by and joined in.   With a few hints on patterns to look for, they solved a couple of the puzzles.  I think she's hooked!   I really enjoyed the unexpected company, and I'm sure I'll be back.

I'm making progress on the string quilt.  I've finished piecing the last border, and will start the quilting on that piece this afternoon.  I hope that by next weekend, it will be attached to the rest of the QAYG quilt, and I'll be ready to put the binding on. 

Elise went to her first Daddy/Daughter Dance.  The Parks and Recreation department puts it on every year around Valentine's Day.   She got a pretty dress, and some new Cinderella dance slippers, and enjoyed some special time with Daddy.
 She took great care in getting ready.
And finally was all set to go to the dance.  She had prepared the map to the dance earlier in the week.  I understand they had a great time dancing the evening away.
Have a good week everyone.  I need to go check on my crockpot of chili!


Florida Farm Girl said...

What a sweet memory for Elise and here Dad!!! Hope lots of pictures were taken.

suz said...

Loved the picture of Elise and Dad. And I'm sure the Cinderella slippers added to the enjoyment of the evening. Also, Zintangle looks like fun. I may have to give that a try. - Suz