Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I painted my first piece in probably over a year. This one is on an old cd, one way to recycle some of those internet start-up cd's you get in the mail or can pick up at any number of places.

I needed something small that I could finish relatively quickly. I've still got to sign it and put a finish on it, but otherwise it's done. Now maybe I'll be motivated to pull out a canvas, and get going on something else.

And this is a picture of my old secretary desk that someone bought. Hopefully I can get both the before and after pics to show up here. The lady did a great job on painting it, she's an artist and her talent shows. Looks like it might still need the drawer pulls in this picture, but you can get the idea.


Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff!!! How is your Christmas garage saling coming along...?? :)

elsie123 said...

Haven't been to a garage sale in awhile, and its about too cold now. But I always have my eyes open for those special bargains!