Sunday, February 17, 2008

Take what you can get

No, I'm not talking about greedy materialistic things.

I watched 2 of my little darling grandkids this afternoon so R and A could go out for lunch and have a bit of time to themselves. They're growing up so fast. When Rhett was little, he'd be so happy to see me, and cry his little heart out when it came time for me to leave. Now, he's so busy in his adventures that I might warrant a "Hi Grams" in passing, and if I'm lucky, a hug when it's time to go. And Ashlynn really prefers her Mama to hold her, though I do get some quality time with her when it's just me and the kids.

Well, this afternoon was one of those times that I'll have to hold onto. Ashlynn was napping when Mom and Dad left, and Rhett was drawing with his colored pens, so everything was fine. Then Rhett realized Mom was gone, and he cried some bucket tears, allowing me to hold him and give him comfort. He fell asleep in my arms, and I bet I held him 15 minutes, just enjoying it. Then about the time I put him down, Ashlynn woke up. When she realized Mom wasn't home, I was able to play patty-cake with her, and this-little-piggy her toes, and she'd smile up at me and we'd talk.

I cherish these times with the little ones. They grow up all too fast, so, yes, I'll take what I can get of their loving attention.

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Anonymous said...

You ain't just a whistling Dixie they grow up way too fast. They still love you, but the novelty has worn off and there is life to live.