Tuesday, February 5, 2008


It's amazing, but I'm finding that things operate much more smoothly when you read the instructions first.

Take text messaging for instance. I recently got a new cell phone, and while I had finally figured out text messaging on the old one, I had to start all over with this new one. Now I have to decide if I want it to guess the word I'm typing in by just hitting the key once (you know there are 3-4 letter choices for each number), or do I want to spell it out? Or do I want to switch modes and get into characters, such as the exclamation point, question mark, etc. Initially I kept punching the outer corner buttons because it would change things and sooner or later I'd get my message out. Then...I read the instructions! My next message was a breeze! Of course, never mind that I don't always remember those instructions from one day to the next, but at least I know where to look.

Then there's the camera portion of my phone. Well, that opened up a whole new world. The main problem so far is that I've taken a bunch of pictures of my steering wheel, or under my desk, or me looking at it with a question on my face. You see, the button to turn on the camera function is on the side where my thumb rests as I open the flip top. Then I'd have this grid on the screen so I'd know the camera was on, and as I bumbled around to turn it off, click! There's another picture. Instructions helped there too, as I'm learning how to delete. Haven't gotten to downloading the pics to my computer yet, but it will come.

What else? Oh, yes. The digital photo frame. Now that's a nifty little invention. I got one for Christmas, and have inserted the memory card with many cherished photos. It played through, and that was it. Then you'd see the screen with all the pictures at one time. Well, once I took the time to read the instructions (!), it miraculously plays the pictures continuously. That one only took me two weeks to figure out.

My next thing to tackle is a new universal remote. The thing is huge...probably 5 or 6" across by about 10" long, with great big letters. Hopefully the instructions won't be in tiny print...

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