Saturday, May 10, 2008

the woo-hoo's continue

As can well be imagined, the past few weeks have been busy...but worth it. We close on my house the 22nd, and on Elizabeth's house the 23rd (I'm buying her house in Mansfield). Woo-hoo! Things are coming together better than expected.

I've got boxes out the kazoo (don't ask me where/what that is, it's an expression, okay???), and chunked/donated quite a bit. Of course, now that it's all gone, one of the girls at work is having a charitable donation garage sale that I could have given it to, but isn't that the way it always is. At least it's out of here.

It's a bit frustrating at times thinking about doing something only to realize you can't get to what you want, but I think I'll survive.

It may be that my next post will be after the move. Until then, I keep on keepin' on.

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