Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just a walk in the park...

I went to one of the local parks this evening, and took a turn around the path. Elizabeth says its about 4/10 of a mile. Since this is my first walk in awhile, I just did one go-round. Hope to make it thru 2 the next time.

And a nice park it is. Not overly crowded, but enough people to feel plenty comfortable, and several activities going on. There were several walking the path, like me. Then there were those on their roller blades swooshing right along. A nice little pond was on the back side that I didn't even realize was there, with a pavillion for a rest or picnic and a fountain in the center of the water. Several guys were playing sand volleyball, and another group were shooting hoops, while in the center field there were a couple of exercise groups. One reminded me of tai chi, the way they were standing on one foot while lifting a weight with the opposite hand (and no, I don't know if tai chi ever uses weights).

The park system has a trail that connects several parks together, over a span of a couple of miles or so. That looks interesting too, though I could see a Saturday morning being more of a prime time to try that out.

So there we have it. The adventures of my new life have begun!

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