Friday, June 6, 2008


Last night, maybe early this morning, I had a couple of strange dreams. In one, I went into a house that was empty, kind of like I was watching it for someone, and a pigeon size bird and a dog kept trying to get in. Every time I thought I had them out, one or the other would get back in before I could get the door shut.

In the other dream, I was on a journey and took a road up a mountain. Before long the trail was very narrow, and you know how dreams are, I was alternating between being on foot and in a car. There were times it looked so narrow, I pictured myself tumbling down the mountain. That was scary, because I'd seen several bears on the way up. Some were lumbering around like they just woke up, and others were angry and snarling. There were even a couple of coyotes or wolves here and there. At one point in the passage, I didn't think I'd make it past the obstacle in the path, then I looked again and there was a protective plexiglass shield allowing me to proceed on. Getting past that, I came upon a beautiful lake, calm and serene. There was a tour guide on a boat that was pulling out, and he told me if I hurried, I could join them. I didn't. Guess I wanted to enjoy it on my own.

It's funny how you can go for the longest time and not have anything particularly impressive in your dreams, then wham! You get two that are detailed.

Shifting gears, when Nolene and I went to Arkansas a week ago, we noticed a sign at one of the gas pumps where we stopped to fill up. The pump had a bag on the handle, indicating it was not working. Taped to the window of the pump, the proprietors advised they were "sorry for any incontinence this might cause".

Enough of this. Got to get ready for work.

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