Sunday, June 8, 2008

you've heard of talking walls

You've heard the expression "if these walls could talk", I'm sure. Well you know, I've had inanimate objects speak to me in the past, and it happened again just yesterday. We were in Lowe's to look for a new entry door, and I had in mind what I wanted. Something with a window in it, though not full length. As I looked through the choices, again, one of the doors spoke to me. "Me, me, choose me!" And it's a wise person who listens when spoken to.

It's got the Texas star in the center of the window, and a cherry wood stain finish. Well, I guess in other parts of the country it's probably just a star, but I am in Texas so here it's considered the Texas star.

David and Elizabeth took me so we could use his truck to bring it home, and it turned out David was free and he put it in for me as well. We're waiting on the facings/trim work until I finish painting around the area. Take a look at my talking door.

Remember, listen when you're spoken to.

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Sherry said...

I LOVE your door! Our home came with a full-length frosted oval glass that's just so-so. Hmmm...wonder if I could throw a rock through it and convince DH that the lawnmower did it. Okay, okay! I won't do it!