Sunday, August 10, 2008

on an even keel

Life's about back to normal, whatever that may be. The baseboards are coming along, and the living room project is about to wrap up. Yesterday I finished the valance of the window treatment for the living room...unless I decide to change. I used cloth napkins in striped autumn colors, folded back one edge on 4 of them and stitched them down so the curtain rod could slide through, and folded 3 solid color napkins in triangles to drape over the 4. Hard to tell, but the triangle napkins have leaves on them in the same color thread. I'll live with it awhile and see if it suits me.

Made a little progress on the California quilted wall hanging. I've figured out how many 2 1/2" squares to cut out (about 175) as well as 20 or so slightly larger squares for the half and quarter square triangles, and have the design on graph paper. I'll get with Bonnie and see what she wants for the background color, and go from there.

Another little project on my to-do list is to finish the binding for my Christmas quilt. It got set to the side with the move, but I plan on it being usable through the holidays.

That's it for now. It's nice there are always things to do. It's time to worry when there's not!


kjquilts said...

Hi! I didn't know you had a blog! I've enjoyed reading through it. You've been very busy. Are you coming to retreat in September? I'll be back to visit soon!

Karen Joy said...

glad things are getting back to normal. I may have to have you send me directions on the valance. I am buying a house, and will need ideas once I have cleaned and painted.