Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sue's relief method

My sister Sue has commented many times over the past several years about squeezing between the 4th and 5th toes (next to the little toe) for back pain relief. She's used it on Troy quite often with good results, having him lay down and stretch out while she squeezes the area for a minute. When Nolene and I visited a couple of months ago, I got to see in person that Nolene's back pain eased up considerably when Sue squeezed between Nolene's toes. Sue learned about this method from the book "Tai Chi in a Chair", which, along with tai chi routines, lists acupressure points that provide pain relief. (Author Cynthia Quarta, and I got a copy from Barnes and Noble in their bargain section.)

The other day I had the occasion to try it on myself. You'll notice I sad "try". When there are two people involved, it seems to go much smoother. It's hard to lay down, and with your back hurting, pull your foot up to an angle that you can grab hold real tight for a full minute. I'd barely get started when my foot would cramp from being twisted around, and I'd have to let go.

I got the book several years ago, and maybe the title worked on my subconscious, because the next morning I woke up, sat in a chair, hoisted my foot up onto my knee, and squeezed like the dickens for a full minute. By that evening after work, I had forgotten that my back was hurting that morning. Sue called to ask how I was doing (I had emailed her in the middle of my misery), and that jogged my memory of the earlier discomfort.

All of this has prompted me to pull out my book again. I hadn't read it completely to begin with, but it's on my nightstand now, ready for my attention.

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Elizabeth said...

Do we need to look into getting you that med alert bracelet for the "Help I've fallen and can't get up!"?? Be careful with your Tai Chi!