Wednesday, May 5, 2010

option 3, and that time of the month

I'm still plugging along on my black and white quilt, the one using half-square triangles. As I mentioned earlier, I have options on how to lay it out. I've made some more blocks, and here's a third design. After I thought I was so smart to come up with all of this, I noticed in the back of the book that they showed different layouts and lo and behold, my 2 optional layouts were among them. Ah well, so much for creativity.

As far as "that time of the month", my secret sister swap package came in the mail today! She really is good to me...along with a nice Mother's Day card, she sent 2 quilting magazines (one from 2007, one from 2008, and both new to me!), 2 one-yard cuts of floral fabric that are predominantly lavender, soft cushioned scissors, 2 patterns for turning sweatshirts into jackets, and some cq goodies...ribbon, trim, beads, floss, fabric. Thanks, secret sis!

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