Friday, April 30, 2010

as the worm turns

You know, I kind of hoped that time would slow down a bit with retirement. Not so. Time still flies, but it is a lot more enjoyable.

I've been working in the yard (I just read an earlier post from January, and I did mention that as one of my intentions for the year), though the digging in the clay part is getting old. There are times I do miss the soil of my old place in Burleson. Sigh. There's something therapeutic about digging in the dirt, isn't there? This week I've put in a few perennial plants, a pittsporin, a couple of hens and chicks, three sweet broom bushes, and a hosta. A couple of weeks ago I recycled an oleander Nolene had pulled up, and put it in my back yard. I also have tried digging up and planting an off-shoot from a crape myrtle. Don't know how that one will do.

And I found worms while digging! I hadn't really thought about it, but there's a whole subterranian level of life. If you're going fishing, you can come turn some soil for me and keep whatever worms you find!

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Anonymous said...

I thought we agreed to no more "one of these, and one of those" gardening any more? You've got succulents, tropicals, and natives all in one bed together with no rhyme or reason. i guess if anyone asks you could just say you're part of a test group.