Saturday, July 31, 2010

quilting and stuff

I've gotten a decent start on my vacation quilt, having put the shadows on several  squares.  Need to cut a few more strips, so I'll do that today.  I didn't get a memento from the Devil's Tower to sew into it when we were there, since we got to the park way early in the day.  But...I called the Devil's Tower Trading Post, and ordered a bandana/handkerchief over the phone.  Hope to get it in a day or two.  And, I got in touch with the Ogallala, NE chamber of commerce, and I should have one of their t-shirts soon.  That will probably about cover all that will be on there, unless I come up with something that just says Kansas to me.  Might look out for a fq of wheat (that's a fat quarter for you non-quilters, which is an 18" x 22" piece of fabric).  Or maybe I'll check in with the Concordia KS c of c.  That was the neat little town that we stopped in on a whim.

And...I'm on my next Netflix dvd series.  I decided that since the James Bond series of movies came out way back when, and I hadn't seen all of them, and I really like Sean Connery, that I'd watch them in order.  I just finished Dr. No last night, which was the first one, made in 1962.  I must say, while he was handsome and all that back then, I like him much better now.  :)  I liked the "action packed" adventure, though it's pretty tame compared to everything they pack in the movies these days.   And remember how they showed the credits at the beginning of the show back then?  Don't see that now.  Oh no!  Am I turning into an old person who's always saying "I remember back in the old days..."?????  Ah well.  At least I've got those years to remember!

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